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It is the necessary equipment for thermostatic culture in scientific research medicine,biology,chemical engineering,agriculture,etc. Microcomputer controls temperature intelligently, with setting& measuring temperature, PID self-regulation function, alarm over-temperature.

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The biochemical incubator has a two-way temperature control system for cooling and heating, and the temperature is controllable. It is an indispensable laboratory equipment for plant, biology, microorganisms, genetics, viruses, medicine, environmental protection and other scientific research and education departments. It is widely used in low temperature and constant temperature tests. , Cultivation test, environmental test, etc. Its main features: 1. The thermal insulation material of the box adopts polyurethane foamed plastic on site, which has strong anti-interference ability from external heat (cold) sources. 2. The inner cavity is made of engineering plastic molding process, which has strong anti-corrosion ability. 3. The all-glass door is convenient for observing the working cavity. 4. In order to protect the refrigeration compressor, the control circuit is designed with power-off protection and 4-minute delay function. The temperature is automatically controlled, and the red LFD display is used to display the numbers intuitively and clearly.1. Place the incubator on a flat and solid ground, and adjust the two support screws at the bottom of the box to make the box stable. 2. Plug in the power socket (the power supply should be well grounded), press the "power switch", the display is on, and what the display shows is the actual temperature and working time in the incubator. 3. Time setting: Time setting includes "minute" and "hour" settings.Press the "SET" setting button, when the decimal in the lower right corner of the "minute" digital tube display digit lights up, it will enter the "minute" setting state, and then press the "▲" or "▼" key to confirm the " Minutes" time (maximum 59 minutes); press the "SET" button again, when the decimal on the lower right corner of the "hour" digital tube display digit lights up, it will enter the "hour" setting state, and then press "▲" or "▼ "Button to confirm the "hour" time of the incubator's current work (the longest is 99 hours). 4. Temperature setting: Press the "SET" button, when the decimal in the lower right corner of the last digit of the temperature display lights up, it will enter the temperature setting state, and then press the "▲" or "▼" button to confirm the incubator Set the temperature twice (the set temperature range is 5℃~50℃). When the above steps 3 and 4 are completed, press the "ENTER" confirmation key to confirm the current working time of the incubator and the working temperature (set temperature) in the incubator. Note: After the temperature setting is confirmed, the temperature cannot be set frequently back and forth at will, so as to avoid frequent compressor startup, causing the compressor to overload, and affecting the service life of the compressor. 5. If you need to check the working time and temperature of the incubator this time, press the "SET" key, the display panel will display the set time and temperature, and then press the "ENTER" key, the display value of the incubator will return To the original working state. 6. When lighting is needed in the incubator, just press the "lighting switch"; if lighting is not needed in the incubator, the lighting switch on the panel should be placed in the "off" position to avoid affecting the upper temperature.

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